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South African Athlete Jean-Claude Havyarimana to raise autism awareness at 2024 Durban Marathon

June 8, 2024 | 0 Comments

South African athlete Jean-Claude Havyarimana is set to participate in the Ultra Marathon in Durban on Sunday, June 9, 2024, with a mission beyond personal achievement. Havyarimana aims to raise funds for the Zeebah Foundation, a Nigerian nonprofit organization that promotes inclusive education for individuals with autism.

The Zeebah Foundation announced Havyarimana’s involvement in a recent statement, highlighting his ongoing commitment to autism advocacy. “Jean-Claude Havyarimana, an unwavering advocate and a cherished friend of The Zeebah Foundation, is set to embark on an extraordinary journey again,” the statement read. “On the 9th of June, he will lace up his running shoes and take on the formidable challenge of the Comrades Ultra Marathon in Durban, South Africa.”

Havyarimana, known for his dedication to the cause, previously represented The Zeebah Foundation at the NKolay Istanbul Marathon in November 2022. His efforts continue to inspire many as he uses each marathon as a platform to promote positive change.

The proceeds from Havyarimana’s participation in the Durban Marathon will support The Zeebah Foundation’s project to establish a Therapy, Care, and Support Centre in Abuja, Nigeria. “The proceeds from Mr Havyarimana’s run will be directed towards The Zeebah Foundation’s proposed purpose-built Therapy, Care and Support Centre in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), a testament to his belief in the transformative power of collective effort,” the foundation stated.

As Havyarimana prepares for the 90km marathon, the foundation and its supporters rally behind him. “Together we forge ahead, united in our pursuit of a brighter future for everyone on the autism spectrum,” the statement concluded.

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