The Zeebah Foundation First Anniversary Webinar Series

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The Zeebah Foundation First Anniversary Webinar Series

Our Facilitators

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Nicole Gorden is an Assistant Clinical Supervisor and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for a nonprofit organization serving families located in the US. Nicole has a 13 year experience working in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field with individuals, ranging from 1.5 to 25 years old, with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Nicole specializes in assessment and development of treatment, teaching functional communication to children with emerging verbal skills, and managing intense problem behaviors across multiple settings. Ms. Gorden advocates for parents, caregivers, and other providers to be equipped with the proper techniques to teach and generalize skills essential to their child’s growth and independence.

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Lead Speech and Language Therapist at a multidisciplinary Practice in the United Kingdom.

She works in-clinic at home and in schools, assessing paediatrics and adults, supervising junior Speech and Language Therapists, delivering therapeutic intervention and developing home programmes.

She has continued to expand her practice abroad and signed up with The Zeebah Foundation as Speech &Language Pathologist in 2019.

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An Executive Director at National Speech/Language Therapy Center- The George Washington University.

Sabra Gelfond Publications consist of numerous articles and programs that include:

  • Children and Listening: How To develop a child’s listening skills
  • Marching Ahead To Progress (MAP) for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Guidebook to setting up a home program for children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Brain Boosting: Strategies for Sharpening Your Child’s mental Acuity
  • Homework Without The Hassles
  • Building Better Readers
  • 10 Common Roadblocks to Building a Home Program
  • Unexplained Learning Delays: Looking for Causes

Her most recent achievements include Creating a free of charge Early Detection Program, available exclusively at National Speech/Language Therapy Center, to identify children at risk for language or learning struggles, such as autism spectrum disorder, auditory processing difficulties, and language delays, earlier so that appropriate intervention services and family assistance can occur when the chances for improvement are most promising.

She received “Making the Difference” Award 2014 (HSC) and also Best of Business 2012 (Small Business Commerce Association)

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Dr. Amara Uche is a Clinical Pharmacist and Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist based in Atlanta, GA. She recently relocated to Abuja, Nigeria with her family.

Amara is married with 3 children. Her oldest child is on the autism spectrum.

Amara is very passionate about all children achieving their best potential, especially children on the autism spectrum. Amara is a solution-driven parent who is dedicated to improving academic and life skills learning for her child with special needs.



With over 20-years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Mrs Eziafakaku Nwokolo is a mother of 3 girls who retired from her full-time job with Chevron Nigeria Limited in 2014. She has a MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis-Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and is currently the only resident Nigerian Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®). She is also a Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA).

Eziafakaku is the Founder/CEO of Shades of Life Care Limited; a company that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities. She sits as a member of the International Standards Committee of the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) Credentialing Board, Current Secretary of the Association for Behaviour Analysis in Nigeria (ABAN), and a Faculty Consultant at the International School of Disability Studies (ISDS) in Nigeria.

She has given presentations of her work at different conferences – the ABAI 44th International Conference in San Francisco and the 5th European IASSIDD Conference in Athens, at the inaugural International School for Disability Studies (ISDS) conference for IDD in Abuja, Nigeria and at the first ever Pan African Congress on Autism (PACA) conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently, she is a PhD researcher whose interest lies in validating screening tools for Intellectual Disability (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Nigeria. Her research focuses on screening for ID and ASD in Nigerian adolescents and gathering preliminary prevalence data.