, The Zeebah Foundation

“I was at a loss in 2019 as to what school would be best for my child. Thankfully I was referred to The Zeebah Foundation because I was told that their therapists were qualified and would be able to give my child what was needed for progress. Their ABA and speech therapists are not only wonderful with my child but they also try to keep improving on their knowledge/skills and further seek for what is best for the child. Infact, the whole school; therapists, teachers, and administration, has been extremely amazing!! They have been very sensitive to the needs of all the children and parents, especially during this COVID period. Kudos to them!! They have also been great during the tele-therapy sessions. During such an unexpected new normal, they stepped up!

I am truly happy I found them. At least I have some sort of peace when my child is with them. Thank you, The Zeebah Foundation and GOD will bless you all.”

Mrs. Ebhaleme

Q1 2022 Open day at TZF

Q1 2022 Open day Rating for TZF