About Us - Our History

The Zeebah Foundation (TZF) formerly known as Autism Care and Support Initiative (ACSI) is a Not-for-Profit organization set up in 2014. It is the corporate social responsibility arm of Levene Energy Group. Full operations as The Zeebah Foundation commenced in 2018.

TZF was established to solve the problem of unavailability of access to Early Intervention as well as Inclusive Education for children and persons affected with Autism.

Our mission is “To give every individual with Autism, Special Learning Needs and disorders the very best chance at success by engaging Local and Global communities to create access to culturally relevant quality resources”

In essence, there exists in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, a huge pool of Parents and Caregivers with children on the Autism Spectrum who need available, local, sustainable resources for expertise in Early Intervention. They seek facilities where global best Practices are adhered to and care is delivered at the same or even higher competence level than those outside Nigeria.

At The Zeebah Foundation, we provide services that are geared towards the education, enhancement and empowerment of children on the spectrum, their families and the professionals who work with them. Our services are developed and monitored by licensed Psychologists and Supervisory Clinical Behaviour Therapists who have extensive experience in treating children with Autism spectrum disorders.

Our focus areas includes:

  • The Zeebah Place: ABA Therapy-one on one and group, social skills training, IT and computer skills, Preparation for future employment and independent living.
  • Training: Educators, Teachers and professionals who work with the children with special needs, Parents, General public with the use of Advocacy campaigns.
  • Research: Targeted towards solutions to challenges affecting children, individuals and their families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our International partnership with the Global Autism Project, New York, USA, ensures that we have oversight and continuous training for our staff to ensure that the beneficiaries of our Foundation’s work receive the very best comparable to what is obtainable worldwide.

Our Partners

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