• Children of all ages affected by Autism can receive therapy services that are qualitative, evidence-based and effective.
  • Local Therapists can receive adequate training in order to provide education and therapy for these children which will help in creating a lasting and sustainable solution for the unavailability of expertise in the area of Special Education in Nigeria, West Africa.
  • Parents can finally be assured that in their homeland, they can have a reliable resource that meets world standards. After all, parents will give everything they have to see their children fully educated and live out their full potential. This is especially true of parents of children with Autism as well as other special needs.
  • Teachers in the community who teach children with Autism can have the training to enable them to educate and interact with their students in a classroom.
  • Information and data-driven Research can be conducted in order to contribute to the limited knowledge, increase public awareness regarding Autism and create a positive impact on children, individuals on the continent.