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Testimony: Story of Ofu

April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

Ofu as a child was a regular one. It was around the age of 2 we noticed he wasn’t really talking or responding to people calling him. But we thought that it was normal, that boys are not as fast as girls like people would say. It was in 2014 when ofu was 3, that his teacher Ms Jones picked it up almost immediately and recommended we contacted The Zeebah Place (TZP) for an evaluation. We initially thought he had a hearing issue but after his evaluation, he was diagnosed with Autism.

We engaged TZP with services for ABA therapy (Applied Behavioural Analysis) for ofu right about November 2014. A couple of months later, we could already see drastic improvements. He started responding when he was called, then gradually started requesting for things as well. This is November 2017, 3 years later Ofu is 6 and we have seen a lot of improvements.

He is almost like any other kid his age. He gives eye contact when he is talking with you. He responds to his name, he requests for things he wants. He is reading and writing which was a worry for me. He is also smart and knows how to play on people’s intelligence.

Another of my worries was him being able to stand up for himself which he does very well. Just like any other regular human being, when he doesn’t want to something he tells you “no, I am not doing that” which is good.

We have seen a lot of improvement and we know there is room for more. It was good we engaged the services of TZP and we have seen a lot of improvement. 

Thank you.

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