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Testimony: Story of Ilaan, a child at our centre (The Zeebah Place Abuja)

April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

Ilaan has improved greatly since he joined The Zeebah Place (TZP). Initially, he started with the 10 hours weekly ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioural Analysis) but has now been enrolled in the full-day program. In the beginning, he spoke only a few words but there was no functional communication. He is now able to request things, listen to instructions and carry out the same. Academically he has grown in leaps and bounds. He reads and writes words unassisted.

I must say I am really impressed with what TZP has done. As a mum, of course, I would want more but I understand this is a process and patience is a big virtue. We are happy with his progress and TZP. We also hope he makes more impressive progress.

Right now I would like him to make a proper request like “mummy I am hungry” or “mummy I want food”. He is getting there but as a mum, I have more expectations which are typical. Though I have these expectations, I am willing to accept the pace at which he is developing. I know he has done really well given the time he has been with TZP.

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